Watermelon, Berry-licious, Lime N'ices

There’s nothing simpler than this icy, fruity treat. There’s also nothing more refreshing or wholesome unless you were to just eat the plain fruit! This is also a great way to save and use fruit that you might not have been able to eat all at once…just chunk and stick in a baggie in the freezer. FYI: the sweeter the original fruit, the sweeter the end result.

Vegan Cooking Level: Beginner


7 large chunks frozen watermelon

5 frozen strawberries

Juice of one fresh lime


How To

Add all ingredients to the blender with about 1 inch of water and blend, stopping to scrape down the jar, and blend until desired smooth “ices” consistency.

Make it fun and fancy - serve it in your best stemware!

Freeze excess in ice pop molds and also in ice cube trays to add to water and

sparkling water for a fizzy treat!