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See how others just like you worked with me, lost the weight,
took back their health and said it was delicious... 

Would you like to join us in DIET REBEL so you can drop the pounds, the meds & the emotional baggage?

Or email me "DIET REBEL" at and we can chat and send you all the details over email.

Schedule your FREE 30-minute Plant-Power Planning Meeting with me today


Think about it:

What if you had a plant-based weight loss coach to show you exactly what to do

and you'd already done it a month ago, a year ago...

what would your life be like now?


You'd be watching for these signs your body is healing itself...

Based on physician reports of patient blood work, and backed by science, watch for these 10 things that may happen for you after about 2 to 3 weeks eating a whole-food, plant-based vegan diet:


  1. Energy rises

  2. Blood pressure falls

  3. Blood sugar normalizes 

  4. Cholesterol drops

  5. Arterial plaque softens and begins to be swept away

  6. Excess weight falls off

  7. Food cravings disappear

  8. Hormone imbalances level out

  9. Digestion improves

  10. You sleep better


I urge you to have your blood work tested 1-2 months after completing my programs so your doctor can adjust any medications* you may be taking, if necessary. Please report your successes to me and

the Plant Power Woman Facebook Group as your health success stories might be just the encouragement someone in the group needs to stay vegan.  


"About 2-3 weeks down your plant-based path, you wake up each day smiling because you KNOW that you really can change yourself, your health and the world around you...

just by changing what's on your plate every day."

-Vegan Coach Naomi Green


*While most people experience dramatic weight loss and positive health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels requiring a reduction of the medications they may be taking, your exact results may be different for you.

LADIES: Join the Movement WE ARE DIET REBELS & Never Diet Again!
Coaching, Classes & Community to Drop the LBS., Meds & Emotional Baggage

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