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Want a Plant-Based Weight Loss Coach?

  • CREATE a crystal clear vision for the healthy plant-based lifestyle you want free of the health conditions and limiting beliefs that are dragging you down.

  • UNCOVER hidden challenges sabotaging your health or weight loss efforts.

  • LEAVE this session with a plan...renewed, inspired and ready to take back your health and get serious health benefits fast working with me as your plant-based weight loss coach. 


Here's how I can coach you with your whole food plant-based, no-oil lifestyle

so you can finally get the serious weight loss and

 measurable health results you need... permanently.


As your plant-based weight loss coach, I want you to understand the basis

of all my PLANT POWER Weight Loss & Health Transformation coaching programs & groups


Master Your Mindset

During the first session and every session thereafter, we work together to help you master your mindset for success to get your mind on board with the big change you want to make. You will complete many worksheets questioning your thoughts, assumptions, actions and obstacles based on some of the latest science on behavior change, and then we will go through it together doing the deep work and setting you up for success with your health goal. This is the most important work of the program and this is why you have not been able to make these changes before on your own. We can't move on until making this change of going vegan for your health becomes a "must" for you.

"If you must, you will."

                                                                                                                                                                 -Tony Robbins


Create A Customized Vegan Menu Just For You

The next session is devoted to creating a customized vegan menu just for you. This is so much better than a rigid meal plan because it's flexible depending on your mood, cooking desire or ability, and even what you have on hand in your kitchen and what you feel like eating on any given day. Together, we will work out a listing of  whole food plant-based breakfasts,  lunches,  dinners and  snacks that you have chosen because you love them, you know how to cook them or you want to learn how to cook them. This is how we start simply. We will also take into account your ultimate health goal, schedule and lifestyle, your family situation, your budget, your allergies and food dislikes and your cooking ability and desire. This step makes sticking to your plan and your success practically fool-proof because you eat anything you want from the menu!


Clean Out Your Kitchen

Here is where you learn exactly what is vegan and what is not vegan as we work together to clean out your kitchen cabinets, pantry, refrigerator and your freezer of all animal products and processed foods. We will do some label reading and Q & A about whole food plant-based nutrition (such as, "Why is oil not a whole food?") but the object is to get rid of the junk and make room for all the new whole plant food treasure.


"If it's not in your kitchen, you can't eat it!"


Grocery Shop Like A Vegan Boss

I will guide you step-by-step on how to buy all the foods you need to prepare the meals on your personal vegan menu (from step 1) which also includes a printable, customizable shopping list. You will learn to read labels to make the best choices at the grocery store.  We will discuss all the foods you need to be healthy and nutritionally fulfilled on a whole food plant-based no oil lifestyle. 


Cooking Whole Food Plant-Based Oil-Free Food (Even if you hate cooking)

Now you're going to learn a few new cooking techniques, or how to make some specific dishes or how to use new ingredients and techniques such as batch cooking or sauteing without oil to help you get cooking your delicious plant-based dishes. We'll discuss how and where to find recipes that are right for your specific situation (even if you hate to cook or have little time). Some people like digital tools and some people like good old-fashioned recipe cards, folders, notebooks or cookbooks. This session will be based on your personal menu and aspects of vegan cooking you want to learn about.


Harnessing the magic of groups: FREE  Plant Empowered Woman Private Facebook Support Group 

Here is the place to share recipes, meal ideas, success stories and ask other members about obstacles or questions. If you have a question or a problem going vegan, this is the place to voice it and get the collective wisdom of the whole tribe and me to make things easier, plus I am live in the group every day. In addition to the free group for 24/7 community and support, all of my Weight Loss & Health Transformation Programs, classes and clubs take place in private facebook groups.


I'm  very mobile-friendly...and super-connected

I work off of my SmartPhone every day so you can have access to me via text, video call, phone or Facebook Messenger. You can get a quick answer when you are out at the grocery store or a restaurant. You can easily ask questions about an ingredient or a worksheet we are using or set up accountability reminders with me. That means you don't have to wait for an appointment to get the guidance or accountability you need and that means you never miss an opportunity for success in changing your behavior and that also makes for quicker results for you!

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Think about it:

What if you had a plant-based weight loss coach to show you exactly what to do

and you'd already done it a month ago, a year ago...

what would your life be like now?


You'd be watching for these signs your body is healing itself...

Based on physician reports of patient blood work, and backed by science, watch for these 10 things that may happen for you after about 2 to 3 weeks eating a whole-food, plant-based vegan diet:


  1. Energy rises

  2. Blood pressure falls

  3. Blood sugar normalizes 

  4. Cholesterol drops

  5. Arterial plaque softens and begins to be swept away

  6. Excess weight falls off

  7. Food cravings disappear

  8. Hormone imbalances level out

  9. Digestion improves

  10. You sleep better


I urge you to have your blood work tested 1-2 months after completing my programs so your doctor can adjust any medications* you may be taking, if necessary. Please report your successes to me and

the Plant-Empowered Woman Facebook Group as your health success stories might be just the encouragement someone in the group needs to stay vegan.  


"About 2-3 weeks down your plant-based path, you may find you wake up each day with a new smile because you KNOW that you really can change yourself, your health and the world around you...

just by changing what's on your plate every day."

-Plant-Based Weight Loss Coach, Naomi Green


*While most people experience dramatic weight loss and positive health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels requiring a reduction of the medications they may be taking, your exact results may be different for you.

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