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Alcohol is Poison

If you’re trying to grow in any area of your life: your health, your emotions, your spirituality, your strength, your relationships, your career, your mind (learning new skills and activities), your finances…whatever it is, drinking alcohol will quite literally stop you from growing and stunt your success…in anything you try to do.

Why? Because it’s quite literally poison to your body causing inflammation everywhere.

It's the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish and the ultimate health and wellness that a whole food plant-based lifestyle provides.

It’s poison to your brain, actually damaging parts that do not regenerate.

It completely removes your inhibitions and discipline so that whatever was important to you

20 minutes ago, is no longer. Especially when it comes to your whole food plant-based lifestyle.

It destroys motivation with its toxic hangover so that action toward your dreams becomes harder and smaller the more you drink.

It erases joy because it is actually a depressant. It destroys natural dopamine release because it is stronger (but faker) than real joy, which is what makes you think you need it to have fun.

It makes you look dumb and lazy in front of others and make learning new skills and sticking to new habits confounding.

It invites anything bad a center spot into your life (DWI, fights with partner or friends, lies, boating accidents, car accidents and death, affairs, money spent, falling and getting hurt). It’s like a vampire that you invited in.

Drinking alcohol completely blocks your emotions (which is what you’re using it for) but that numbing cuts your ties with not only your higher power but also your best self…it removes you from knowing who you are and what you want as you ignore it.

Drinking alcohol is a great big fat lie that you were sold as a teenager and the medical evidence has shown that alcoholics who begin drinking as a teen are stuck in the mind of that age. Imagine a 50-year old woman with the mind and emotional regulation of 16 year old.

If you want to grow and love and excel and really enjoy your life, ditch drinking alcohol and watch what happens (when you replace it with thoughts, people and activities you LOVE).

If these words make you think “no it doesn’t” ask yourself why you want to hold on to taking poison?

Having trouble any any area of your life?

Take a look at whether drinking alcohol may play a part.


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