Get cooking with my easy

whole food plant-based oil-free recipes

Easy and tasty - eat as many as you want!

Keep the oil out of your hummus and the fat low, but still make it delicious!

I specialize in simple, easy recipes to make this lifestyle permanent AND delicious and this one absolutely delights. 

Sweet & Sour Oil-Free Massaged Kale Crunch Bowl

Soft, fragrant massaged kale with a sweet & sour slurpy slaw crunch!

How to make a quick easy vegan Kimchi to add some TWANG to your salads and dishes! If you love sauerkraut, you will love this!

Learn how to make fool-proof oil-free oven fries everyone will be begging for!

A quick boil soup with all green ingredients for warming up, boosting immunity and feeling light and amazing!

If you love Indian food like I do, you will love this Oil-Free Instant Pot take on a classic layered spicy Vegetable Curry dish called Undhiyu that we made on last night's livestream with Plant-Based Dr.Patel

Wondering how to buy Jackfruit and use it for an easy, amazing recipe? Buy it in the can from your local Asian market or health food store (or Amazon) and throw everything in a pot Jambalaya style!

When time is of the essence, or you are just learning whole food plant-based cooking skills, this recipe is for you!

The perfect, fool-proof tofu scramble everyone will be drooling for at your brunch!

I'm about to break the internet: I am making cranberry sauce without cups of sugar! Here's how I do it, and you can, too.

Hot & spicy ...easy but impressive, serve this over rice or pasta! 

You probably think this is some kind of special occasion dish - nothing could be further from the truth...

The easiest way to make an amazing vegan corn chowder that screams CREAMY!

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

What? Making berry Jam without sugar? What is this magic?

Got the recipe to Rosana's Red Lentil Bean & Veggie Stew!

Looking for perfect, crispy tofu in the air-fryer without oil? Here's how...

A hearty, healthy, easy vegan breakfast with just 3 whole plant food ingredients!

Nothing tricky here ...just 2 ingredients so no excuses not to make this soup today!

Finally an oil-free vegan muffin that's fluffy and soft!

Simple. Vegan. Oil-Free. Give these a try to transform your salads into something amazing.

Keep shit simple, people...and don't add lots of fats to it if you are trying to lose weight or reverse health conditions, risk factors and symptoms of diabetes, cancer and heart disease...

Nobody will ever know there's no butter or cheese and these are completely oil-free and fat-free!

Don't give up your favorites - just learn a few ninja vegan and oil-free cooking skills and ingredients!

You'll never miss the oil (or the FAT) in your salad again!

Fantastically thick and garlicky Basil Pesto to put on EVERYTHING without all the cheese and oil!

This is also a great way to save and use fruit that you might not have been able to eat all at once…just chunk and stick in a baggie in the freezer...

How to Prep Tofu For any Recipe

Bone up on the facts about soy safety and the easiest way I know how to prep tofu for any recipe!

How to Grow Your Own Sprouts

If you love sprouts you will love growing these yourself at home - it's so easy. Here's how...

Oil-Free Cilantro Lime "Dresto" for Everything

Oil-free? Dressing? Pesto? YES!

Make this lemony, peppery Minestrone (a classic, vegan Italian soup)  in just minutes in the Instant Pot...

The super-easy oil-free one-pot method to hot and spicy curry that's ready in 30 minutes!

Your whole food plant-based no oil diet will never be the same...

An Asian-inspired spicy, yet clear broth soup that serves as a base to add anything you really love to it including any type of veggies or noodles you like...