DIY Vegan Yogurt...The Easy Way

Want this for a vegan breakfast or a vegan snack?

But you don't want this, below, right?

These store bought yogurts, while they are vegan, contain lots of other stuff I don't want to eat: starches, added sugar, thickeners such as pectins and gums and anything called "natural flavors" along with chemical preservatives. So, why not make vegan yogurt yourself? I've discovered its totally easy and SO much more nutritious. When you add your own fresh fruit and Rawnola to it you've got a snack full of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and fluid plus its high in protein from soy milk and high in live cultures and healthy probiotics.

I've really been missing yogurt for all the 3 years I've been vegan so I am SO happy to have discovered making my own yogurt this easy way.

How to make Vegan Yogurt

Step 1: Get a carton of WestSoy Unsweetened Soy Milk

To make yogurt, you need to start with a type of plant milk that has no additives like gums and flavorings otherwise the fermentation doesn't work properly. The best milk I've found is this brand because it's 2 ingredients are, "Filtered water and whole organic soybeans." Also, this soy milk has 9 grams of protein per 1 cup serving and each carton contains 4 cups. I have not found any pure nut or rice milks nor have I made my own to try out yogurt with them.

Step 2: Get some VEGAN probiotic capsules

I went to my local health food store and asked for vegan probiotic capsules with live cultures and got 50 billion cells per capsule. WARNING: These are expensive ($30+) but you only need to use them very sporadically as you can keep passing down one tablespoon of the starter (per cup of milk) from the old batch to the new batch of yogurt, which I tested and found out works perfectly. You could even share capsules with any like-minded friends and start a yogurt circle.

Step 3: Do a first test run

Pour one-cup of soy milk into a ceramic or plastic cup or bowl and open two 50 billion