Tofu: Air-Fried & De-Mystified!

Well, I'm pretty sure I cracked the code on crispy tofu in the air-fryer without coating it in oil or corn starch and other stuff.

(Don't worry - I will also tell you how to oven cook these if you don't have an air fryer.)


Tofu Air-Fried & De-Mystified!
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Vegan Cooking Level: Intermediate

Tofu De-Mystified...

First, I want you to have all the facts you need to understand about tofu so that you are confident that tofu is a health protective food that neither causes breast cancer nor causes boys to grow boobs. As a breast cancer this is very important to me and I have researched this thoroughly and consulted an integrative oncologist in addition.

If you need more facts on the nutritional aspects or safety of soy as well as to learn how to buy tofu and how to prepare it for any recipe, please check this prior post I wrote and video I made showing what to do exactly!

Tofu Air-Fried...