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Skinny Vegan Overnight Oats

When I was looking for just the right overnight oats recipe to post for my clients in my 12-Week Plant-Empowered Woman Weight Loss Programs, every vegan recipe I found had loads of fats added to it in the form of nut butters, chia seeds, flax meal, coconut milk, nuts, coconut flakes and chocolate. If you're following a whole food plant based diet to seriously lose weight or reduce high blood pressure, reduce high cholesterol and regulate blood sugar to eliminate medications and take your health back, you'll definitely want my paired-down version of this easy way to make oats, without all the added fats....and without all the cooking (and cleaning up) of traditional oats.

Vegan Cooking Level: Beginner

Seriously, this is the easiest oatmeal you're ever going to make and the best part is it requires no cooking which is especially great if your mornings are hectic AND you want to get in (or pack up) a good breakfast.

Overnight Oats How-To

In a 1:1 ratio:

1 measure old-fashioned oats

1 measure your choice plant milk

pinch of salt (this seems unimportant but I assure you it makes a giant difference!)

Add both to a mason jar or plastic container with a lid.


1/2 tsp cinnamon (or more) per cup oats

1 tsp. maple syrup or coconut sugar (or none) per cup oats

Any stewed or frozen fruit: berries, apples, peaches

Now, the magic: Place the lid on and place the jar in the fridge overnight. And, if you're in a rush or only have quick-oats on-hand you can do the same thing waiting only 30 minutes for the perfect consistency. Just stir and eat cold, warm or heated in a microwave.

And, of course I like to add bananas and my virtually fat-free Rawnola Sprinkle to the top of mine and that's how you get the picture above!

Now, isn't that delicious...and easy?

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With Love, Broccoli & Vegan Weight Loss Magic✨

-Vegan Coach Naomi

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