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Oil-Free Cilantro Lime "Dresto" for Everything

I'm always on the lookout for oil-free dressings and pesto for dishes and salads and when I heard one of our members of the Plant-Empowered Woman Facebook Group had created a new one that is slurp-i-licious and completely fat-free and oil-free (no nuts!), I couldn't wait to try it. So I invited Rosana over to make it with me in a first-of-it's kind "In My Kitchen" series livestream in our free group.

Here's that video in case you missed it!

Not only did she show us how to make this amazing "Dresto" (half dressing/half pesto), but we also discussed and showed some great ways to serve it. Even more than that, Rosana shared her vegan health success story reversing high cholesterol and being pre-diabetic and inspired everyone participating.

Vegan Cooking Level: Beginner


1/2 cup packed Cilantro

1/2 cup packed Parsley

3 garlic cloves

2 tbsp. white balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp. dark balsamic vinegar

juice of one lime

1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1/4 cup (or more) water to desired consistency

Whizz up this Dresto!

Add all the ingredients to your mini food processor and process pulsing until a dark green liquid is flowing freely in the bowl. Add more water to make more of a dressing consistency (start with less water first because you can always add more!)

Leave thicker for more of a pesto consistency, thinner for dressing, hence the term "Dresto!"

Serve it like this:

Rosana likes to grill thinly sliced potatoes using her George Foreman Grill (no longer used for meat) for 15 minutes at medium-high and then pile them beautifully on a plate topped with fresh diced tomatoes and a healthy dollop of this Dresto drizzled over top. You can see how we served this up in the video above.

Her family also takes this jar of Dresto out to eat as an oil-free dressing for any salad.

This is be a fantastic topping for pasta and tomatoes or any roasted veggies.

This tastes great with Nut Parm sprinkled on!

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