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Vegan Health Success Story: Her A1C plummeted from 6.8 to 6.2 in 50 days!

This is not an exclusively vegan health story because this woman did not completely cut out all cheese but is reducing more and more all the time. She already does not eat meat, chicken or fish. So, this is more of a story about how even a small change in increasing the amount of plant foods you eat while decreasing meat, cheese, eggs, and processed foods can have a profound effect on your body systems very quickly.

I met this smart lady (she did not want me to mention her real name online) for the first time at one of my Chopped Salad Workshops given at a local health food store. (Below is a very abridged version of just the slides!)

She sat at my workshop and listened intently and told us all her story of

how she had been to the doctor recently and she didn't like what he said. This doctor said her A1C level (a blood test that shows the average level of blood sugar over the past 2 or 3 months) was 6.8, well above normal range, and that she was diabetic and would need to begin taking medication. She adamantly did not want to take any medication so my message during the workshop of taking your health into your own hands by changing what you eat was just what she needed to hear.

I explained the benefits of eating a whole food vegan salad every day - a salad without any animal products in it whatsoever. She asked many questions. I demonstrated how to make a whole food vegan chopped salad that includes grains, beans, nuts or seeds and many different types of veggies and she said it was delicious. We talked more and I suggested she watch the documentary, "Forks Over Knives" (available for free on Netflix) to learn more about the scientific, medical evidence for plant-based diets in reversing diseases like diabetes.

Well, about 6 weeks later I was back at that same health food store presenting a new workshop on How to Make Vegan Sushi.

She arrived in the middle of the demonstration and announced that she had something to tell me. I asked her if she could tell the whole group and she said:

"I wanted to tell you my A1C went from 6.8 to now 6.2 in 50 days since your last workshop and that I lost 8 pounds of fat!" I asked how she did that and she said, "I ate your chopped salad almost every day and exercised a lot every day. You encouraged me that all this will help me and I learned it from you!"

She stressed that she did a lot of weight training, walking and functional movements along with taking Ayurvedic powders to help her along. Exercise is an amazing tool in reversing diabetes (insulin resistance) because it forces the body to use up the glucose for energy instead of remaining in the bloodstream with nowhere to go.

I said to the group listening intently, "See? You do have power over your health and you do have control! You can follow what your doctor says but you can also do the part you can control yourself. You can control what you put on your plate and in your mouth and whether you exercise or not and you very well may be to get off those medications."

I was so proud of my workshop and of this woman. I encouraged her to watch "Forks Over Knives" to the end, and further suggested she try the "Forks Over Knives" Magazine to find pictures of whole food plant-based dishes she might like to try.

The next month after the sushi workshop I was back at the same store doing a Kimchi and Buddha Bowl workshop when she stopped by again.

This time she could only stay for part of the workshop because she was taking an all-day training nearby and was on a lunch break. She wanted to tell me that her blood glucose was down to 108 (from 128), and she is well on her way toward normal sugar levels under 100. She also wanted to show us what was in her lunch bowl, which is this beautiful chopped salad right here:

She has cut her cheese intake even further. The white chunks in this salad are cauliflower and sprouts!

This story being proof positive that you can take back your health and that you do have control. No matter what the doctors say and no matter what's in your genes.

Eat a chopped salad every day; take back your health!

Want to take back your health eating this way

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-Naomi :)

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