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How to grow your own sprouts

Stuck inside and can't grow anything? Grow sprouts for getting the greatest benefits of a plant in its most biologically concentrated and available form. These, pictured above and below, are lentil sprouts which I love for the crunchy, slightly peppery taste in my salads that is like no other!

I also grow broccoli sprouts because they contain the most breast-cancer stem cell fighting Sulforaphane of the entire plant kingdom.

You don't even need a fancy-schmancy sprouting jar like this (which costs like $12 at my local health food store).

You could just use a mason jar and some cheese cloth with a rubber band.

Here's how to grow any sprouts:

DAY 1: To start your sprouts, pour about 1 quarter cup of dry seeds or whole beans or lentils in the bottom of the jar and cover them with a few inches of water and soak on the counter overnight.

DAY 2: In them morning, drain the seeds through the screening at the top of the jar by turning the jar gently sideways so the seeds drain and spread across the side of the jar. That's because you will now be laying the jar sideways at a slight downward angle toward the screening while resting that end on a dish towel on a shelf in a dark place, such as the pantry. At night, run water through the screening to rinse your sprouts and then drain them again as much as possible, trying to allow seedlings to spread across the side of the jar and propped up so they can continue to drain. You'll notice the seeds are swollen and just about to sprout...

DAY 3: Rinse and check your sprouts again in the morning. I like to grow mine in the dark until they develop little leaves (about 3 days) and then put them in a sunny window on the morning of the 3rd day to green them up!

If you'd rather have smaller sprouts without the leaves, you can get to that stage by the second day. Why not give it a taste both days to see which you prefer?

When you're ready to store your sprouts, rinse them and drain thoroughly and simply pour them into a plastic storage bag or tupperware in the fridge where they will stay good for up to a week.

Throw as many as you like into any cold dish or salad you make to bump up the nutrition, digestion and the taste.

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