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How my husband finally went vegan and why he says he is staying vegan forever...

If you've read my story, then you know I went vegan at the end of 2014 after my cancer treatments were finished. But, my husband David and my adult kids were not vegan and had no interest in going vegan back then. But all that changed this year.

In the beginning, I shared with him all the vegan documentaries that had affected me so deeply including Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy, and Vegucated. He was interested enough to watch them (or maybe he was just being polite), but none made much impact in his eating patterns.

Around that time, after watching the documentary Earthlings, I announced I wasn't going to buy any meat or animal products anymore nor was I going to cook them. David was free to buy his steaks and grill them up himself and his cream cheese and whatever else and so he did for about another year and a half.

It was lonely for me to be so excited about all the new foods I was learning to cook and love. It was also exciting to notice how good I felt in recovering from cancer treatments and in very easily dropping that extra weight from treatment breast cancer patients also have to struggle with.

But then, at the end of July, 2016, when I came back from New York City where I attended the Main Street Vegan Academy certification course to become a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator, he knew I was really serious.

David went vegan on August 1, 2016

He announced on the day I came back from New York City that he was going vegan the next morning. And he really did it, too.

Of course he had me guiding him all the way, cooking the foods, showing

him how to shop and how to order vegan meals in restaurants. I also helped him work on his mindset and gave him a few books and listening ideas targeted to men going vegan (Meat is For Pussies by John Joseph McGowan and the Rich Roll Podcast, for athletes). We continued to watch more plant-based nutrition-related documentaries.

So, my husband, who was not very overweight to begin with except for about 10 or more pounds over his "usual" weight that had settled around his stomach area, began to shed that weight quickly.

I asked him why he finally decided to go vegan and he simply said, "Well, you weren't going to buy meat or cook meat and I was left cooking my own meals. I got sick of that real quick and just decided to support you and eat what you're eating."

The unexpected cholesterol drop

I don't care why he did it. The main point of this story is that his prior blood work from the doctor was not good because all of his numbers for cholesterol were out of the normal range (as you can see below). Instead, his were in the "H" category for high, which stands for an increased risk for heart disease, and heart disease runs in his family. But after just 3 1/2 months eating mostly whole food vegan, it was time for his annual primary care visit and blood work and here are the stunning results so you can see for yourself:

More health results...

David also lost about 15 pounds and was back down to the weight he was when we got married more than 20 years ago. The cholesterol drop aside, David says what is keeping him vegan is that his lifelong debilitating allergies which kept him chained to his Claritin bottle and tissues, simply disappeared when he made the diet change.

"I'm never eating meat, poultry, eggs, fish or cheese again if I never have to spend another day suffering from blocked sinuses, constant sneezing and nose-blowing, itchy throat and not being able to smell anything!"

David's favorite meals and recipes:

Want to help your husband?

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