Vegan Holiday Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Quinoa & Cranberry Toss with a Citrus, Dijon Splash!

Brussels Sprouts is the perfect vegetable to showcase in a vegan holiday salad because when shaved thin, the presentation is holiday-table-worthy. The combination of the cranberries and the (oil-free) citrus splash is as classic as it is sassy.

Vegan Cooking Level: Beginner

Ingredients for the Toss:

1 pound Brussels Sprouts, chopped coarse or shaved thin

1 cup dried cranberries, chopped

2 cups quinoa, cooked (1/2 cup dry to 1 cup water)

Optional: ¼ cup chopped or slivered nuts (pecans, walnuts or almonds)

Ingredients for the Splash:

½ cup fresh-squeezed orange juice

¼ cup apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp. Dijon mustard

1 tbsp. maple syrup

Step 1: Cook the quinoa according to the package instructions (1 cup water to ½ cup dried quinoa) and set aside to cool. Let cool to at least warm-to-the-touch before mixing.

Step 2: While the quinoa is cooking, use a food processor or a mini chop to process the Brussels Sprouts into a coarse chop. You may need to work in a few batches with a smaller machine. OR, look what I just found at the store, to make this step really easy: