Christine Day's Vegan Health Story: Finally discovering the secret to vegan weight loss...

As someone who first became vegan as a result of a health crisis, I take some flak from the vegan community because reducing animal cruelty was not my primary motivation for going vegan. Once I got control of my health through a whole food plant-based diet, I learned more about veganism and came to hold dear my position, along with every other vegan, on not eating animals and to do everything I can to reduce animal suffering and it's effect on our environment.

But the truth is, the message of compassion that veganism espouses applies to the self, which is what crystallized in my conversation with Christine Day, a 52-year-old vegan from Vestal, New York.

"Vegan" versus "whole food vegan"

Even if you don't eat any animal products, you could still be hurting your health with a high-fat, highly processed, junk-food vegan diet. If you're a vegan struggling with weight issues, this is most likely your problem.

In fact, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of "The China Study" and whole food plant-based diet researcher and advocate doesn't like the term associated with a "vegan" diet because of all the junk food that is actually vegan (not made with any animal products.) This includes all the alternative meats and cheeses, frozen prepared foods, vegan sweets such as oreos and bakery items, vegan snack foods such as ritz crackers and potato chips, vegan butter, oils and of course, french fries among many other highly-processed foods that are vegan.

Dr. Campbell's point is that high-fat, highly-processed vegan foods laden in chemical additives do not help prevent, control or reverse diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. If eaten every day for most meals, these vegan junk foods will result in weight gain along with other health problems associated with being overweight such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure and increased risk of disease. You will most certainly not feel as good as you could, and while it may be good for the animals, it will not be good for you.

My point, here on the Going Vegan For Health Blog, is that when eating for health, you want to strive for a whole food plant-based diet, or what I like to call a whole food vegan diet instead. That's whole plant foods without the added fat, chemicals and processing.

Several vegans I have interviewed for my "Vegan Health Stories" series here on this blog have made this abundantly clear and Christine's Story really brought it to light.

Christine went vegan for the planet and the animals...