Fat Tony’s Vegan Health Story: How (and why) a regular guy goes vegan

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is going to be a weight loss story. But then you’re looking at the pictures going, “No way this guy was ever overweight.”

And you'd be right. Fat Tony was just a regular guy with no health issues living and enjoying his life.

Actually, his name is Adam Christopher Taylor, 33, from Long Beach, California and here’s how he told me he got the nickname.

“In 9th grade, my friends thought it would be funny to give the skinny white kid a tough mafia name, and they thought 'Fat Tony' was funny. But the nickname stuck and here I am Fat Tony 18 years later. Most people just call me Fat.”

An avid BMX rider and freelance photographer, Fat Tony was always out on his bike or out doing something adventurous or active. He says he was always pretty healthy and never really ate that badly or had any serious health issues.

So why does a perfectly normal, healthy guy like that go vegan?

Well, I watched this video and there was no turning back…

It all happened by accident. Fat randomly clicked on a video that a friend posted on Facebook called, “Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear” which shows Gary Yourofksy, animal rights activist and speaker, giving a speech to roomful of college students at Georgia Tech.

“I watched that video while I was packing for a trip to Australia,” said Fat. “I had never considered going vegan, but after watching this video, the wheels in my head started turning. I had never heard the things Yourofsky was speaking about, and I had never seen footage of farm animals being treated so badly.”

After watching this video, Fat remembered another friend had told him about a documentary called “Forks Over Knives.” The friend never said it was a “vegan” video, but that after watching it, he and his wife changed up their diet, lost weight and felt amazing.

“Since I had a long flight ahead of me I downloaded “Forks Over Knives” and the accompanying extended interviews video and hopped on the plane to Australia. During the flight I watched both videos and I made the mental switch right then and there.”