Green Goddess Quick Slurp Soup (Oil-Free)

I learned the technique for this soup from watching "Mommy Tang" on YouTube and have adapted the basic recipe to suit my specific needs to make it easy and quick to prepare. And the secret ingredient is: The starchy water from rinsing the rice!

While this is a very quick recipe, read it's different from most you have made before so please read the recipe and steps carefully the first time!

One thing she is right about is that you can keep the leftover soup handy in the fridge and just put the hot fresh rice in it and it is the most wonderful, quick snack or lunch meal ever!

Vegan Cooking Level: Medium


Jasmine Rice: Rinse rice through a colander once into the sink (to rinse away any dust or impurities) and then several more times directly into into your stock pot so you can use the starchy water as the base to thicken your broth/soup stock until you have reached 4 quarts water.

Separately prepare Jasmine Rice (specifically Jasmine because of its sticky nature - other rices just don't taste as delicious in this recipe) according to package directions OR in your Instant Pot at 3 cups rice to 3 cups water, manual set to 4 min. Leave in pot, covered until ready to serve the soup.

Soup Stock:

As many scallion roots and tips as you have saved and dried or fresh (learn to save the roots for this soup from now on!) plus more for serving (see below).

2 strips kombu (seaweed)

Outer leaves of any cabbage, plus more for slicing

1 piece of celery including leaves, cut in quarters

Finished Soup Ingredients

1/2 yellow or white onion, sliced in half moons

6 (or more) large bok choi leaves, including leaves and stems, sliced

several leaves of any kind kale AND/OR 1/2 bag of spinach

2-inch nub ginger, grated

4 cloves garlic, grated

1/2 lime, juiced

3 tbsp. any kind miso

1/2 cup tamari or soy sauce, or liquid aminos

6 full scallions, chopped, for topping (or more!)


Any other kinds of greens or Asian vegetables such as daikon, mushrooms, snow peas, bean sprouts