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Sat, Jun 01




Let's solve your biggest problems about grains. Learn to prepare and incorporate many different grains so you feel confident in getting the health gains and weight loss you really want from your whole food plant-based lifestyle!

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Jun 01, 2019, 7:00 PM


About the Event

Click here for all the details & to enroll in this online live video class that takes place in a private Facebook Group:

I'll give you 14 days & 14 ways to learn how to easily incorporate grains into your whole food plant-based lifestyle for preventing and reversing disease and for feeling great every day...

-Get daily guidance from me in a private Facebook Group: Every day, I will post a short, targeted video in our new private Ultimate Grain Training Facebook Group (where you can always access all the videos stored in the "learning" tab) on a different aspect of nutrition, use, cooking or or health for incorporating grains into your whole food plant based way of eating successfully....

-Get ordered, targeted daily videos & action steps: Your daily video and the corresponding post are presented and to be completed in order through the "learning tab" feature in private Facebook groups. They will always include an action step to put the learning into practice. Some days will also include a worksheet or a template to use for your success.

Get the daily prompt for discussion: Every day you will also see a post prompt to discuss your feelings, breakthroughs, "aha" moments and realizations in the group so I can respond personally and for learning from each other's experience, strength and hope...that's the magic of private support groups!

-Get 14 new tools, strengths & understandings for success with grains: Each day builds on the day before and 14 days later, you will have 14 tools to use...14 new strengths, understandings and many new habits for optimal plant-based nutrition with different grains you will love every day.

Here's what you will learn:

-Discover different types of grains and new-to-you grains you

will love including: Bulgur, Farro, Coix, Freekeh, Teff, Millet,

Barley & more!

-Grasp what's important about grains with a whole food plant based way of eating (it's NOT counting carbs, counting calories, measuring or weighing portion sizes...)

-Learn about the health benefits of eating different grains.

-Practice a few important different ways to boost your nutrition (and your weight loss) using different types of grains.

-Master new recipes and new ways to incorporate grains easily to meals your whole family will love!

-Understand what role pasta and bread play as grains in your whole food plant-based diet and how to choose them.

-Expand your cooking skills and hacks for working with grains you love including Quinoa, Oats, Rices, Corn and more, so they come out perfect every time.

-Uncover your love for different types of rices and learn their differences.

-Ask Vegan Coach Naomi anything you want to know about cooking and eating grains!

-Free Ultimate Grain Training Cookbook with the recipes you learn in class all in one place for easy reference

Click here to take the quiz, for all the details & to enroll:

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