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"I'm going to show you how to eat plants to 
drop the weight, meds
& emotional 
baggage... Forever!"

      -Vegan Coach Naomi

Coming Back From Breast Cancer Treatment...

If you're scared from a run-in with a serious health condition, I know just how you feel.


In 2014, a doctor told me, "You have cancer." That solid year of slash, slash, poison and burn for my Stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma (that's breast cancer with a capital "C") left me really scared. And scarred, both physically and emotionally, sitting there bald, pale, overweight and quivering, just waiting for the cancer they said could come back at any time.


Among all the cancer documentaries I was watching came, “Forks Over Knives,” and I was struck by lightning when...

I've been   there...

Yep, that's plant-based!

Want a

Plant-Based Weight Loss Coach?

If you want the serious weight loss and measurable health results from one of my 12-Week Plant Power Weight Loss & Health Transformation Programs, take the first step and get on a Zoom video meeting with me to

  • CREATE a crystal clear vision for the healthy lifestyle you want free of the health conditions and limiting beliefs that are dragging you down.

  • UNCOVER hidden challenges sabotaging your health or weight loss efforts.

  • LEAVE this session renewed, inspired and ready to take back your health so you can share this feeling with everybody you love!

Vegan Curious?

See how others have taken back their health in so many different ways and get my personal recipes, tips and tricks so going vegan for your health is even easier...
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What can 

a   Plant-Based Weight Loss


do for you?

Work with me...

Getting a Plant-Based Weight Loss Coach is the surest way to drop the weight, the meds & the emotional baggage... forever!

My 12-Week DIET REBEL Weight Loss & Health Transformation groups & programs are the most complete way to start and continue a whole food plant-based no-oil lifestyle to drop the pounds, the meds and the emotional baggage in a way that's personalized to be delicious and doable for you.
  • Steady, healthy weight loss
  • Loving your food more than ever before
  • Sustained drops in blood pressure beginning in just 2 weeks
  • Permanent drops in cholesterol levels
  • Permanent drops in glucose levels
  • Complete reversal of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes
  • Reducing and eliminating medications
  • Relief from brain fog, depression and anxiety
  • Feeling of empowerment and feeling the best you have ever felt!
How do we do it?
  • Adopt a success mindset for positive change, bringing your mind, your body and your heart into alignment with the healthy woman you want to become.
  • Create a personalized WFPBNO menu that's delicious & doable for YOU in YOUR LIFE.
  • Learn to read labels to clean out your kitchen and forever make the best choices grocery shopping.
  • Use new oil-free whole food plant-based cooking techniques and recipes. 
  • Handle eating out and social situations with grace and ease
  • Uncover obstacles and rewire limiting beliefs and painful emotions into empowerment
  • WEekly support group meetings via Zoom video
  • Join my WE ARE DIET REBELS Facebook Group for 24/7 community and support for going vegan for your health right now!

Where I've been seen & heard...

Naomi Green in Sarasota Magazine
Naomi Green on Curiously Veg Radio
Naomi Green on PBDB

LADIES: Join the Movement WE ARE DIET REBELS & Never Diet Again!
Coaching, Classes & Community to Drop the LBS., Meds & Emotional Baggage

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