How to prepare tofu for any vegan recipe

Does the thought of preparing tofu fill you will fear? Not only are you afraid you don't know how to do it but you're also afraid you might not like it? Well, I've got you covered with this post showing you how even a total sissy in the vegan kitchen can prepare firm or extra-firm tofu for any recipe and love it.

And, there's even a video so you can watch me do it!


But first, you might still be wondering if soy is safe for you because of myths circulating on the internet daily. Fact is, large population studies have supported the safety and even more, the health-protective and health-promoting benefits of soy. If you want to delve into the subject and learn the facts, here are some highly reputable linked resources (with no meat, dairy, big food or big pharma industry ties) explaining the most current medical evidence on the absolute safety and health promoting benefits of soy in your diet:

Soy & Your Health by the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine

Soy & Breast Cancer Survival Benefits by Dr. Greger on

How Soy Protects Bones, Breasts and Helps with Menopausal Symptoms by Dr. Greger on Nutrition

I was also told this same information from my integrative oncologist, who suggested I add some whole food sources of soy into my diet including soybeans, tempeh, soy milk and tofu.


Step 1: Buy a block of extra-firm tofu. Choose a tofu brand certified organic with the USDA Organic symbol and certified GMO-free. Look for a package with both symbols because soy is one of the main GMO crops in America, so you want to be sure to avoid the pesticides and genetic alteration. Listen here for my complete explanation on how to choose tofu and read the labels.

Step 2: Freeze the package of tofu. Simply throw the package of tofu in the freezer and freeze at least overnight.

Step 3: Thaw the tofu on the counter. The night before you want to use the tofu in a recipe, simply remove the frozen solid block of tofu in its package from the freezer and place on a plate on the counter, to thaw.

Step 4: Prepare your tofu for use in a recipe. Forget about buying a tofu press (what even is that?) or placing your tofu on a plate with paper towels and books or whatever. Instead, (Watch me, below!) simply cut open the package, dump out the water into the sink and squeeze your block of tofu like a sponge. Be gentle (and don't wring your tofu into bits) squeezing as you want to squeeze out the water from all sides and directions while retaining the shape of the tofu for easy slicing. After a minute or two your tofu will have no more water in it and be ready for use in any recipe.




Here is another way I like to throw my tofu raw (simply marinated in vinegar or your favorite oil-free salad dressing) in salads. This one is tomatoes, artichoke hearts and tofu with balsamic vinegar tossed with fresh basil!

So, do your tofu this way because its simple enough even for a vegan sissy.

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